Monday, August 03, 2009

Toasting On The Beach Down Under

It's still summer and high noon in my beach-addled brain, but I'll follow two weeks of frothy ear candy pop with something meatier but equally tasty... 'Walking on a Dream' is a catchy, rhythmic, hypnotic number delivered in hazy falsetto, perfect for lying on a beach under a hot, hot summer...

The artists are Empire of the Sun, an Australian electronic duo not directly named after the 1984 JG Ballard novel or its 1989 film adapation.   Both Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore were in other bands when they met, but they met, clicked instantly, and the rest is history.   'Dream,' their debut single is the longest 'sleeper' in Australian radio history.. 23 weeks to finally reach that country's Top Ten in April.

The 'Walking on a Dream' video, which I hope their record company doesn't disable for embedding, is, suitably, shot in Shanghai, an homage to the book/film whose name they share..  

'We Are The People' is a great followup to 'Dream,' and is a bit
more tuneful than trance-inducing.. The video was shot in Mexico's Icamole desert in the towns of Xilitla... A horse with no name, a guitarist with no shirt... : - )

And back to the shores of North Australia for video #3, 'Standing on the Shore...' in
funky blue duds...

Just for good measure, the trailer for the 1989 movie 'Empire of the Sun' about a 12-year old Brit surviving a Japanese prison camp in China during World War II... That 12 year-old was Christian Bale!!!!!

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