Sunday, August 30, 2009

Double J Joy

"Julie and Julia" is a delightful confection. It's a film of parallel stories that chronicles two women finding themselves, so to speak: the famed TV French Chef Julia Child in 1950s France and a NYC writer at loose ends half a century later who decides to prepare - and blog - Julia's 514 recipes in one calendar year.

Meryl Streep is a hoot as the the outsized gourmande with the high-pitched voice, lovingly abetted by Stanley Tucci as her diplomat husband. The perfect period recreation of this twosome and their years in post-war France is, by itself, worth the ticket price. Cinematic magic mushrooms the petite Streep into the 6 foot Child.

Here's the trailer, followed by an interview with Streep.

Meryl on GMA with clips and chickens...

Amy Adams spearheads the modern half of this tale with wistful frustration and determined oomph, a well-etched portrait, but of a species far more common than the rarified Miss Child. 'Julie' reunites Streep and Adams, who last year starred in the powerful 'Doubt.' Below, they talk about that film...

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