Friday, August 14, 2009

Days 14 & 15: Dubrovnik, Croatia

On day 14, we depart Montenegro and travel north by bus (approx. 3 hours) to the southern coast of Croatia and our destination, Dubrovnik.

Walk through the Old Town and enjoy the views of the ocean from the 2 km long city walls surrounding the town.

Dubrovnik, with its tiled roofs and stone buildings, survived the wars and remains as charming as ever. Extensive restoration has taken place to return it to its original splendor. From the city walls, it is still possible to see repairs being undertaken on roof tiles, then out to a vista of clear azure coastline.

With the sparkling water of the Adriatic in the background, Dubrovnik is picturesque and full of character and can easily be covered on foot. The region is also famous for its islands and beaches.

In Dubrovnik we use the private houses of our local friends who rent rooms to us for our stay here. It is a special experience to see into the lives and homes of our hosts.

Dubrovnik is hilly, and there are stairs everywhere. Some of our apartments require that you scale 173 steps to the front door.

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