Monday, July 27, 2009

This Root Beer Float's On Me

Hot summer days and the frothy refreshments continue. Today's song, 'Arrows of Eros' by British trio Golden Silvers is as smooth and cool as a root beer float on a scorching afternoon, and a blast of UK 1983 new wave-pop, at least for the first 3 minutes, with its squiggly synth riff, funky bass, and 'new romantic' imagery.. but..... lo and behold, the synth riff melts into a good-timey piano riff, the tempo accelerates, a real horn section kicks in, and you've glided from 1983 to 1975 to 1968... It's the musical equivalent of the Palm Springs Mountain cable car ride, which ascends through four different climactic zones on its way to the top....

Well, the may be boys and they may be a band, but they're sure not a 'boy band'. They write, produce, and play their own very diverse and eclectic material, and their debut album, 'True Romance,' is a real treat! Said one reviewer: "flamboyant lyrics, references to Greek myth and big, elastic bass lines dominate.."

Here's the
official video of 'Arrows of Eros,' it's the shorter, single version without the mid-song tempo acceleration... But check out also the awesome full-length live version at the end of this post!!!

Golden Silvers
show another side with 'True Romance,' their album's title track, in this video where they play amidst a 'Soul Train'-like dance floor of teenagers...

Here's the
more angular but equally singable 'Magic Touch..' Referencing the 60s and 80s British invasions...

Here's 'Arrow of Eros' live, five glorious tempo-shifting minutes of it, at the Glastonbury music festival, where they won the 'best new talent' award in 2008...

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