Sunday, August 09, 2009

I'm still in Southeastern Europe, all over ex-Yugoslavia, today in Mostar basking in beautiful scenery... This is our 100th Song of the Week!! 100 great songs without repeating a single artist!

Summer Trip Blip

We continue our 'long hot summer' theme, now veering into the brilliant electronic grooves of Canadian twosome Crystal Castles... Surely one of 2008's most unique and intriguing releases, Crystal Castles' eponymous album delivers an impressive palate of distinctive work, all very catchy and often hypnotic... Each song really stands out.. I could have used any of their four singles as Song of the Week, but I settled on the unsettling instrumental 'Untrust Us,' which manages to be both mournful and perky, the electronica equivalent of a sunshower....

Here's the official 'Untrust Us' video...

That sunshower imagery is apt - every Castles song blends happy and sad, and 'Vanished'
uses the instrumental riff and vocal chorus as the 'upper' and the droning but harmonic verses as the 'downer'... Very, very effective...

The highly processed 'Crimewave' adds new textures to the mix, creating a track that's as highly listenable as it is murky and garbled..

The Crystal Castles track that first grabbed by attention was the utterly strange 'Courtship Dating', whose
off-kilter groove and lyrics really do scratch your itch if you give them a chance...

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