Friday, July 24, 2009

Shining Onions

Helsinki spent a century or so under Russian masters, and the Czars left behind Uspenski, a stunning gold-onion-dome Russian Orthodox cathedral shining in the sunlight on a high hill...

It's a wonder to behold from any angle, and its beauty shifts shape with as the sun wings its way from horizon to horizon..

Its architect, Alexey Gornostaev, never lived to see his design built, as it broke ground in 1862, the year of his death...

Shockingly, one of Uspenski's most valuable icons was stolen in broad daylight, on August 16, 2007, while hundreds of tourists were visiting... This artwork, 'St Nicholas - The Wonder Maker,' is a very rare variation on the style and remains missing - the Finnish authorities are searching for it at home and abroad..

One last look.. It's really intoxicating in person, I swear...


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