Thursday, July 30, 2009

Off We Go!

..into the wild blue yonder, on the third and final stretch of my post-ABN vacation break... JP and I are going on Intrepid Travel's 15-day 'Balkan Adventure,' wandering south from Budapest through the former Yugsolavia, including Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, and Croatia - I've included the map below.

I invite you to follow us as we wander. As I did with the Baltics & Alaska, I've set up in advance daily posts with interesting photos, videos, and other tidbits about the places we'll be visiting. A pleasure to have you along!

I've decided to arrive early, not late, this time, so we'll get there tomorrow even though Day 1 is Saturday. This gives us a chance to soak up some Budapest charm on our own.

You may recall that Budapest was where I ended my 2007 Central European vacation (also with Intrepid), but that we only had one full day and was a rainy, if impressive one... Perhaps this time I can coax out the Budapest sun...

....and yes, this will be my
120th foreign trip! It'll be JP's third, hopefully the third of many, many adventures... This will be my 43rd international non-business trip and my 31st trip to Europe... I've now been to 5o countries, but I have never been to Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, or Croatia. I'm also staying 2 days after this trip to see Slovenia, more virgin territory for yours truly. It'll be my 2nd time in Hungary and my 3rd in Austria (where I fly home from..)

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