Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gertrude Berg, Forgotten Trailblazer...

I had the huge pleasure Saturday of seeing 'Yoo Hoo, Mrs Goldberg,' which
chronicles the brilliant Gertrude Berg's long reign on radio and television, from 1929 to 1955, as Molly Goldberg, the wise, kind, and funny Jewish wife and mother. Molly would often talk to her Bronx neighbors out the window to the courtyard ('Yoo Hoo'!) Here's the trailer for the film...

America took it to heart, Jewishness and all, though today the Goldbergs are sadly forgotten.. 
Berg wrote, directed, and starred in this seminal show, television's first character-driven domestic sitcom. Fittingly, she won the very first Emmy award for 'Best Actress in a Comedy,' in 1950. Here's a late-period excerpt, from 1955, when the Goldbergs finally made it to the suburbs...

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