Sunday, July 05, 2009

Days 8 and 9: Vilnius, Lithuania

From the itinerary: "We experience the cosmopolitan charm of a city that has been occupied by several European powers, each leaving their mark. We discover beautiful Baroque architecture and immerse ourselves in the vibrant arts scene. A day trip to Trakai unravels the mysteries of the medieval Karaim people."
 Come take a video tour with Andrew Quested:

Lithuania, like Latvia, is about the size of West Virginia (25,173 m2) and is 45% larger than Estonia.  Lithuania has slightly more people than Oklahoma (3.4 million).  If Lithuania was a US State, it would be 40th in area and 26th in population.   Its capital, Vilnius, is home to only 15% of the population, making Lithuania far less concentrated than its Baltic sisters. 

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