Saturday, July 11, 2009

Days 14 and 15: Berlin, Germany

From our itinerary: "We soak up the chequered history of this creative and cosmopolitan city. We experience its modern aspect - perhaps head out to join locals at a modish lounge bar to celebrate the end of this Baltic adventure." 
Take the tour: Here's 'Berlin in Your Pocket' with Andrew Quested

Germany is even bigger than Poland and far more populated: the country covers 137,847 square miles, slightly smaller than Montana.  But while less than half a million people inhabit Montana, 82 million people call Germany home.   This is only slightly less than the entire US eastern seaboard (91 million)!   If Germany were a US state, we'd have to break it up, since it's more than twice as populated than California, and it would be #5 in area.

Its capital, Berlin, has 3.7 million people and another 1.3 million in its metro area, about 6% of Germany.  The city itself has more people than Estonia and Latvia combined, and the metro area has more than all three Baltic Republics..

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