Thursday, July 09, 2009

Days 12 and 13: Warsaw, Poland

From our itinerary: "The current pace of social change makes Warsaw an exciting place to be. We come to grips with the city's turbulent history on a walk through the Old Town and perhaps experience its rich culture with a trip to a unique puppet theatre."
Here's the Warsaw welcome video:

Poland is large for a European country, at 120,726 square miles it's the 9th largest country in Europe, slightly smaller than either Norway or New Mexico. Poland is 40% larger than the three Baltic countries combined!  The population isn't small either, with 38.1 million inhabitants, Europe's 8th most populated country and five times the combined Baltic population.  That's more people than California, so if Poland were a state, it would be #1 in population (!) and 6th in area.  Here's a tour through picturesque Krakow, Poland, far, far south of Warsaw, where I visited in summer 2007:

Poland's capital, Warsaw, is home to 1.7 million people, and the Warsaw metro area is only 2.6 million people, only 4% and 7% of Poland's population, making it far, far less concentrated than the Baltics.  The US is even less concentrated, with DC's metro area holding 5.4 million people, a scant 1.8% of the nation.   Here we have 'Polish History in 10 Minutes,' which is just what it claims to be...

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