Sunday, June 28, 2009

Song of the Week below - I'm off to Northeastern Europe tonight for two weeks, as tomorrow's post will explain, and you can follow my wanderings here... I've set up posts in advance for the whole thing, just like I did two weeks back for the Alaska trip...

They Toil For Thee

Do not ask for whom Irish rock quartet BellX1 toils... with apologies to E. Hemingway...  BellX1 play tight, catchy melodic rock with smart lyrics... Picture a less anguished Coldplay or a perkier Radiohead... I know, that's a stretch..  Just listen to the single, 'The Great Defector,' today's Song of the Week.

Four albums into a career beloved by Irish critics and fans, and are working the US by playing late night talk shows and leasing their tunes to TV series such as O.C. and Grey's Anatomy...

Here's they are in Dublin, shakin' it live with 'The Great Defector'

BellX1 have played Letterman many times - here they are in March 2008 playing 'Rocky Took A Lover '...

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