Friday, June 26, 2009

See Some Seaside Signage

'Downtown' Wiscasset, Maine... Sarah's, like many local establishments, specializes in fried seafood and pizza.... It's friendly and homey, we met JP's grade school teacher on the street, and also a high school acquaintance who seems the worse for the wear...

At Sarah's I subsisted on salads and soups... And I learned not to 'mound' but instead to 'mash' my soups and eat them with a fork...

For clothes, not people.... Gay marriage was legalized in Maine, yaaaay! (pending a possible petition to repeal it... grrrrrr)

Set sail on the SS Ice Cream... I just love this kind of signage....

Scenic Bath, Maine, where we lingered at the local coffee shop and I was introduced to the Whoppie and Snicker Doodle cookies..

Waste not, want not...
Oh the lobster you'll see....

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