Monday, June 15, 2009

More Alaska below...

Ready, My Brothers?

Today's song is 'Two Weeks' by Grizzly Bear, a critically adored four-man combo that more than justifies all that love shining down on them... 

With four vocalists and an array of traditional and electronic instruments, their strongest suit is intricate vocal harmonies, gorgeous hooks, acoustic guitar, and inventiveness. 

Their new album, Veckatimest, is their strongest and most accessible yet, but was leaked months in advance of its May 26 release date, much to the band's chagrin.  I did have and advance, but I waited until kick-off before tossing "Two Weeks" out to my legions.  I'm also buying this flawless and breathtaking album, named for a small island in Massachussetts. 

Bold and avant-garde like Animal Collective but more focused on songcraft. Ethereal and folky like Fleet Foxes with with less predictable melodies that veer far from the back porch....

And did I mention the lead singer is gay?  It's largely a non-issue for the band, the gay press gives it more attention that the music press.  I'm kinda proud of him!  Here's 'Two Weeks' on Letterman

Here's a fan video for the lovely 'Cheerleader,' one of my favorites from the new CD...

Some earlier work, 'On A Neck On A Spit,' captured live at the Picador in Kansas CIty two years back..

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