Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meet The High Line!

It was love at first sight. The Highline, the elevated-railway-turned-park a decade in the making, debuted yesterday, as the 'first stage,' from Gansevoort to West 20th St, opened. I am blown away...

Incredibly, the High Line smells of wildflowers, like an upstate roadised - 'manicured wildflowers,' over 140 species, border the waving concrete path, like a glorious abstract of abandoned rail tracks.

It takes you off the grid... To meander on the highline is to escape New York's unrelenting grid, with its taxi racing and scurrying pedestrians... You forget the streets, and swim instead in the architecture of the Westside skyline...

JP was equally impressed....What a glorious jewel this park is, how transformational for my neighborhood... finally, a place to walk and relax with an audiobook, some music, or just one's own thoughts...
DSC02649 DSC02632

Like a dream sequence, like a blurry 60s Star Trek painted backdrop, the High Line beckons you to relax and stay a while, but not to fall asleep, wooden and stone 'benches' and 'lawn chairs' abound throughout....

It's a park for all seasons, and its look will change depending on the time of day, weather, and season... Expect it to be a frequent motif of this blog. A famous hotel bestrides it and opens up on it; the Whitney's new southern branch is expected to do likewise in a year or two...Down below the adjoining streets are hotbeds of galleries, eateries, and boutique-eries... Still coming: West 20th to West 30th (late 2010) and West 30th to West 34th (to be determined)...

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