Monday, June 01, 2009

Less Is So Much More

Today's Song of the Week is 'Black Balloon', a sparse, dreamy, and brooding guitar-inflected shuffle by indie rock duo The Kills.  

It's a trans-altantic thang.  She's American singer/guitarist "VV, " aka Alison Mosshart.  He's British guitarist "Hotel," born Jamie Hince.  Both chose these stage monikers in 2002 when they launched, to distance themselves from previous work with other bands. 

"Black Balloon," is the finest of several singles from their third album ' Midnight Boom,' which  extended an unbroken string of critically acclaimed work. 

The band's aesthetic is lo-fi, minimalist Garage rock oomph with just a tinge of the blues... It's classy, spare, intelligent indie rock, a very unique and memorable sound..

Here's the clip for 'Black Balloon'

From their second album back in 2005, 'No Wow..'

Here's "Last Day Of Magic," an earlier, more propulsive single from their current album...

Love Is A Deserter, the dancier track from their second album, 'No Wow...'

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