Tuesday, June 23, 2009

High Up Mt. Alyeska

We're back from Alaska, where we enjoyed 19-21 hour days, subdued temperatures, spectacular views, and mercurial but
ultimately beneficent weather.... Life at 60N and above....

Our first weekend there we rode up Mount Alyeska (elevation 3,939 feet) in a cable car for impressive 360 degree views... 'Alyeska' is Aleut for 'great land,' also spelled 'Alaska,' as you may be aware..

Me & my baby,
boldly facing the future up on top of Mount Alyeska, in Girdwood, south of Anchorage....

Also facing boldly was this underdressed wedding party...
I love walking into a photo op... Girdwood, by the way, is the home of Ted Stevens..

Riding up Mount Alyeska together in a cable car, they
could not escape my camera's gaze...

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