Thursday, May 14, 2009


'Super-nature,' besides being a Cerrone Eurodisco classic, aptly describes 'Earth,' the Disney-produced 90-minute documentary gem that takes you around the globe, with spectacular cinematography, to show you the trials and tribulations of several species...

The film is by turns uplifting and saddening - nature can be harsh, and man's ravages, even harsher. A 'daddy' polar bear, miles off course and confounded by polar melting, fights off starvation in an unlikely attempt to wrest a walrus cub from its colony... Like most nature documentarians, the producers never intervene, allowing nature to run its course even if it means lions devouring elephant cubs...

I recommend seeing it on the big screen - it really envelopes you. The film offers much to experience and learn in its economic hour-and-a-half duration. 

The trailer - one copy Disney hasn't disabled..

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