Friday, May 22, 2009

My Life and Flowers

I've been very busy hanging with my visiting sister and nephew!   They lucked into a week of spectacular weather.   They are headed out to Long Island for the weekend.  Now, I must clean my place!   It looks like good weather for the hike I'm co-leading tomorrow..

I'm happy to report a successful mission to the Israeli consulate!  Signed, sealed, delivered after a security screening and three lines.  Deena fed-exed the results to Israel and hopefully they will bloom into an inheritance!  Hey, every little bit helps...

For their theater outings, Deena and Dan chose 'In The Heights,' the hip-hop/salsa musical set in Washington Heights that I thoroughly enjoyed a few weeks back, and, one I haven't seen:  the intriguing 'Stomp,' which consists of no dialogue but endless energy and musical inventiveness.

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