Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Feet Feel

We hiked 7 miles through Hudson Highlands State Park near Garrison, NY, about 1 1/4 hours north via MetroNorth, halfway to my alma mater (Vassar). 

Our starting point was across the river from West Point (on their graduation day), and we could see that bastion from the ridgetop....  Of course, it's Fleet Week, and the streets of our burg are rampant with uniformed testosterone..  I'm surprised the Fleet drugstore product company never thought of a tie-in...  : - )

After fumbling to find the trailhead, we surged up the ridge on a cool, overcast day to take in the mountain area and give our feet, legs, and buttocks a royal workout..

I was the 'co-leader' of the hike, but it's fortunate indeed that Steve wasn't illin' too badly to lead since I would have been clueless to a high degree...

 By the way, have you ever heard of turn-of-millennium musical artist 'Laptop'?   He really rocks!  More about him soon..

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