Saturday, May 02, 2009

Heads Will Roll

Thursday JP invited me to School of Visual Arts' annual open house, endless rows of XL-sized contemporary art by the school's graduate and undergraduate denizens.   This piece is an undergrad project that grabbed my attention!

These people are apparently models hired by the artist.  JP said much confusion arose when they showed up and later when some of them went AWOL.... 

I don't think they're naked under the white surface, but it's hard to tell.   Their facial expressions show none of the joy of naturalism.  Btw, 'naturalist' was an early word for 'nudist'...  I remember in the 70s my parents' friends the Bordens belonged to a nudist colony and left its literature around our house, to my 10-year old fascination.   I believe that was my first view of a grown man naked...

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