Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Birthday, Donna!

Happy Birthday to my good friend Donna, a person I greatly admire... who combines earnestness of purpose with zest and humor.... who makes the pen mightier than the sword... who thinks about ethics!   

...and who has the good taste and good fortune to have chosen Karen as a life partner... that's one wedding where I will dance plentifully (and possibly DJ in advance...)

..and have you read her book, 'Ferocious Romance:  What My Encounters with the Right Taught Me About God, Sex, and Fury,'?   She went undercover with Christian groups as an exploration exercise and this 1998 book was the result...  One day I'll get an e-copy or Kindle will add it, so I, too, can read it cover to cover!

In honor of Donna, here's the love scene from 1980's 'Personal Best'...

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