Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Life and Flowers

I hereby revive my 'musings and flowers' feature, suitably in season.   This long week of commuting is 60% over - actually, 80% over since I've declared tomorrow a NYC day for my group.  Last night I feasted on excessive portions of BBQ chicken at Moonstruck Diner with JP and some visiting Maine folk...

Tonight Bevan & Cheryl host their engagement party at a South African bar & restaurant, Xai Xai on 51st between 8th & 9th, in the heart of Hell's Kitchen. Bevan's family emigrated from South Africa (to Dallas!) when he was 2 - we Jews get around!

I salute all those who've made, or are about to make, a major life change... My compliments to those who've faced that fork in the road and cast their lot....

I thought 'the undiscovered country' was the future, but it's in Hamlet's monologue and probably means death, so I've dropped the expression. That's what I get for learning my Shakespeare from Star Trek VI. : - )

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