Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Jay-Sighting At A Sunday Summit

On Sunday a fivesome of friends finally gathered for a long-planned brunch at Boqueria.  Cuisine to be featured down the road, today, a celebrity sighting: We spotted Jay Brannan, the witty and uncoventional gay folk singer/songwriter, on Sunday at City Café in lower Chelsea.

It's the second time I've run into him - the first was back in October, as he enjoyed a latte on the sidewalk of the Starbucks around the corner.. I talked Sunil into breaking the ice and asking to take the above picture...Jay has used YouTube, mailing lists, and his sense of humor to great effect in promoting his music and live performances. Here I accede to his exhortation and help promote 'Can't Have It All'

Before we continue with Jay, some shots of my friends Sunday right before we ran into him.. First Karen & Donna, and then me & Karen..

Sunil, Fernando, and me!

Donna and Sunil at left, Fernando and half of me, at right...

Here's Jay, interviewing and performing for Chicago's Fearless Radio at last year's release of his debut album 'Goddamned'

I'm so used to Jay's homemade clips that I was really surprised to see a cinema-quality directed clip for 'Housewife'...

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