Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Food Journey: Gobo

You can almost walk right by it, so it really is a hidden jewel. I refer to 'Gobo - food for the five senses', that vegetarian den of tranquility and creativity nestled unassumingly at 401 6th Ave between 8th St & Waverly. I went for the 'tender sliced seitan in ginger marinade with asian kale, squash, and brown rice.' ample, tasty, and balanced

My boyfriend JP tried the 'green tea noodle with broccoli and smoked beijing-style seitan.'  Also scrumptious.   Seitan takes a whole different texture and taste when smoked... I'm very impressed with meat substitutes, and seitan deserves a special place along side tempeh and tofu...

JP and I finally get our just desserts! Gingerbread and vanilla ice cream topped with spiced berry compote! JP was surprised how great the gingerbread tasted, being a vegan product....

Dried decor... It was David who first told me of this jewel of a restaurant, a favorite of his veggie friend Chris. There's one uptown too...

The Gobo ambience... even the rest room was memorable and golen...

Liquid Life!   A heady mix of wheat grass, carrot, beet, celery, and apple... Bottoms up!

Also dining that evening... Tattoo Man to the left of us, Purple Hair Lady to the right of us... IIIIIIIIIII love New Yoooooooooork!
Tattoo Man's visible body is wall-to-wall design. That's a Buddha on his forearm. He looked a lot sweeter when he covered the ink-laden skin with a modest light jacket....

I did a better job with the zoom lens on Purple Hair lady and her friends...


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