Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pretty In Pink II

I love my new pink bed linen! I also bought linen sets in Asparagus Green and Sapphire Blue. They weren't sold as such. I checked on Wikipedia color charts '
shades of blue' and 'shades of green.' But pink is well... just, pink.... actually 'pink is a pale red color, the combination of red and white - the use of the word first recorded in the late 17th century describing the 'flowers of pinks.'

Last night I visited JP's digs in Long Island City (see map), a charming residential enclave nestled, well, in front of the Midtown tunnel toll booths on the Long Island Expressway. This is far more charming than it sounds. Pictures forthcoming, when I visit in daylight, which, as of today, has been moved an hour forward... JP lives on the top floor of an old three-story house, and the other two floors live close friends of his with small children - the whole set-up is delightfully homey, miles away from from the sparkle, struggle and anonymity of the big city...

JP made a 'red velvet cake' for the birthday party downstairs - picture forthcoming.. It was made with heaping portions of red dye. I guess I could make a 'pink velvet cake' or a cake in Asparagus Green or Sapphire Blue. and without even changing the taste. I would have to do something about the cream cheese frosting, being the noted cheese-phobe that I am. Here's a T-shirt with some pink, it's The Shins, among my favorite band (check this out), whose song I featured in yesterday's post..

Today I'm having brunch a few kilometers south of Long Island City, in Brooklyn, with David and Paul in Fortaleza Verdee : - )  Otherwise known as Fort Greene. Hastaa la Vistaa...


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