Thursday, March 05, 2009

From A Rooftop Cold

One very frigid night on the rooftop of an 11 story building, the night of the art gallery opening...

David and Daniel in eerie flashblub glow

The site of the most heroic Hudson rescue, which Daniel viewed live from this vantage point, in the equally frigid daytime..


Subway Fun.... Not!

Crazy train yesterday. Decided it didn’t feel like entering Times Square, and kept us trapped 20 minutes between stations. I was so hungry. At least I didn’t have to pee. The conductor didn’t bother to tell us much. There was a broken train in front of us, and they ordered her to move the train backwards, in the other direction, toward Queens. So she stomps through the train with the nastiest expression, all the way to the other end to go backwards, then they tell her to wait. Then they tell her to go forward after all, they moved the broken train. So she stomped even louder and meaner all the way back to the front of the train, knocking people with her bag. Hey, at least I got home!

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