Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Food Journey: Return to Cornwall Part 1

Visited some old friends last week in deep in the baby Berkshires, in Cornwall Bridge, a charming little hamlet in northwestern Connecticut. When you visit this family, you eat very well. Here's Saturday night dinner, spiced steaks broiled to perfection wrapped in bacon strands with sauteed potato medley and marinated portobello mushroom slices.
The view from their terrace, ridges of Berkshire, and the Housatonic River
A chef's secret: preparing the spiced steaks on green wax paper...
Ye Olde Greene Wax Paper Dispenser...
I stayed in a room with a view!  How I love wicker....
Biscuits in the making... At least, there was one one fattening dish I could avoid, being the cheese-a-phobe that I am.
The wages of mincing....


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