Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Food Journey: Luz

I'm off to Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut for a non-offsite with my friends & coworkers John W and Bevan, plus Bevan's fiancée Cheryl - at John W's parents' place in deepest northwestern Litchfield...

Luz is Spanish for 'light,' and the delicious lunch we enjoyed at this Fort Greene eatery wasn't lightweight in imagination, ingredients, or presentation, but we didn't leave the place with heavy stomach...

Here's what I had! It's Chupe, which means 'suck,' as in finger-lickin' good - it's traditional Peruvian shrimp chowder with saffron, shrimp stock, argentinean white wine, asparagus, corn, and poached egg. I asked for no egg. : - ) David also had this..

Paul had this creation, which I think is Cornbread Benedict (Pan de Maiz Benedicto), described as poached eggs, chorizo, spinach, corn bread, rocato pepper hollandais sauce...

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