Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Citizen Katie!

I'm so proud that my Katie Jacobs Stanton, who worked with me a dozen years ago at Chase Research, has put her stellar career at Google on hold to apply her formidable talents, intelligence, good karma and class as part of the Obama Administration! Katie just started work yesterday as Obama's 'Director of Citizen Participation,' part of the White House Technology Dept, with the idea of 'using the most current technological tools available.. to promote citizen participation in decision-making.'

Isn't this awesome? It's a position tailor-made for Katie, is great with technology, content, and caring about the users' needs.

This finally, definitively confirms - if anyone ever doubted it - just how cool Obama really is....

I learned quite a bit from Katie about organization and workplace effectivenes...  But my all-time favorite Katie memory is our business trip all over Mexico, particularly a tour of a vast, monumental steel mill in Monclova, Coahuila, 100 miles south of Texas, so grey and intricate and mechanical it felt like a science fiction set.  This was in September 1998, and everywhere we went, every customer dinner, we heard the same question about the top new story of the year.... Monica Lewinsky...  

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