Monday, March 16, 2009

Choral Folk Garden Explosion

The race is not always to the fleet, but today's SOTW honors go to the Fleet Foxes, a critically-adored five-piece Seattle band known for vocal harmonies and refined lyrics - they describe their sound as 'baroque harmonic pop jams.'.. 

Today, their lovely 'Mykonos,' an unusual slice of choral-inflected folk that manages a warm, down-to-earth feel.  At times feels like a lost 70s rock classic, like Crosby Stills Nash at their most ambitious ...

Appearing last year out of nowhere, they landed on many a critic's year-end best list...  I was a latecomer to their fan club, but repeated listens felt deeper, simultaneously majestic and intimate.

This animated video for 'Mykonos' imagines 'a fluid universe filed with triangles, castles, and barbershop mustaches,' explains Pitchfork

The other single is even more classical and folk... It's 'White Winter Hymnal:'

Their album art:

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