Sunday, March 29, 2009

Below is my review of 'Duplicity!'... Very soon, you'll have my nephew Dan's impressions, as well...

Been There Seen That - No You Haven't

Rarely has a trailer made an unpredictable film look so predictable.
Those of you who saw the trailer for 'Duplciity' multiple times during the movie industry's pre-Oscar 'high season' are in for a very pleasant surprise, unless you've already heard the reviews, in which you case you know it's an instant classic. First, let's re-watch the preview:

It's spy movie! It's a sly romance! It's a spry corporate satire! Not just something for everyone, because these ingredients mix and react and flow like a brilliant three-toned river. 

The story plays out with flashbacks over a five year period, and you'll assemble the puzzle, with a few brilliant fake-outs.  You'll never, never see the ending coming.  Never.  I love surprises, and I love films that traffic in them.

Don't let Julia Roberts scare you if you're not a big fan of her - this is more her idiosyncratic side, seen in the nasty 'Closer' and the satiric 'Charlie Wilson's War.' Clive Owen is strong lead for all occasions, and holds the banner high for forty-something sexiness and wit.

Alongside two sizzling but nuanced lead performances is a fireworks display of character acting from an impressive ensemble led by Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson as warring corporate megalomaniac CEOs, with Wilkinson as cool as ice and Giamatti raging like fire. I particularly like Kathleen Chalfant as a corporate espionage expert (pictured below with fellow operatives Dan Dialy and Oleg Stefan)

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