Monday, February 09, 2009

Joan Of Art-Rock

It's getting ever harder to resist the odd but endearing voice of violinist-singer-songwriter Joan Wasser, who sings, like lemon juice aged in clover honey, under the delicious moniker 'Joan As Police Woman...'   Today's song and video is her latest and most affecting performance ever, the off kilter 5am ballad 'To Be Loved...'

Joan is 38 and is a veteran back-up musician and singer who's worked with indie icons Rufus Wainwright and Anthony and the Johnsons as well as rock legends Lou Reed and Elton John and pop superstar Sheryl Crow..

She's also a prominent 'rock widow', as her then-boyfriend, the talented Jeff Buckley, tragically drowned in Memphis 12 years ago...

favorite Joan quotes: 'beauty is the new punk rock' and ''with such distrust in the air, for me, the most subversive you can be these days is to be totally honest, and to really laud beauty....

Her latest single is arresting, no pun intended, as is the accompanying video clip, mostly of her photographed in artsy lighting. What a presence she has!

This video's even more creative, in a do-it-yourself kind of way - it's beach time with her heretofore best known song, 'Eternal Flame...'

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