Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's My Party: The Ambiance

Here, while showing unposed people pictures, we intersperse photos the try to capture the decor, the spirit, and the refreshments of that lovely evening... First, the scene is set....

I put out a dazzling array of tasty refreshments, and Erik has to go eat my decorations... harrumph!

At left, Moshe, who I only knew from facebook, brought South Asian sweets.. At right, you know how I get with streamers...

I wanted to spell my name in candles, and my name is more common these days, but Dean & Deluca was fresh out of 'Aaron' - so I assembled the five letters by purchasing 'Angela' and 'Courtney' - but the only thing I could spell with those remaining candles I managed not to break was 'Git Lucy' - maybe that's 'Get Lucky' pronounced by a man whose lost most his teeth..

At left, Aaron gets his glitter hat on... at right, revelers captured in mid-revel... note what I did with the pink and purple napkins.. isn't it groovy?

I'm very big on ambient video at my parties. That means interesting looking DVDs with the sound turned off...

All good things must come to an end... In the background... Pictures of me, my parents, my teddy bear, and Jaipur's palace of the winds... Also, a vast collection of 'teach yourself' language books... the red-eyed folk are my friends & colleagues, Bevan and John W...

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