Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh! Yeah!

I'm home sick today. Came down with a bug/virus Tuesday night, and this morning decided to sleep in and work from home. It's quite frigid outside... 

Just learned that my Brazilian friend Milton Rizzato (pictured left) launched a blog last month - in Portuguese - to share his musings from far-away Barcelona, where he's pursuing a masters degree of some sort.  Henceforth Milton's blog link will be in my left sidebar under 'Favorites.'

Today Milton' post was inspired by the video clip I posted Monday of Dragonette's 'Take It Like A Man' - I hadn't really watched the clip carefully - it's actually an homage to late-70s / early 80s porn of the 'Boogie Nights' variety.. It's very well done. And guess what curious young Brazilians called these US porn imports back in the day? 'filmes 'Oh! Yeah!' : - )

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