Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not Without My Finger

It's an old adage: never rush when you're slicing something with a sharp knife. I was running late while slicing ginger and
I cut a bit into my poor index finger. Blood gushed forth like a mighty river, at frightening speed, and only when I finally stemmed the outflow with band-aids did I realize the cut was superficial.. False alarm, and I met my friend on time...

My share of self-inflicted calamities, I have had, notably the deep gash in my knee from the jagged edge of a broken shower soap dish, back in late 2003... I remember trying to field a job-interview-related call on my cell phone from the ER....

Reminds me of a great song by the
Swedish Sultan of Irony, Jens Lekman, called 'You Put Your Arms Around Me...' What you realize as he sings is that he was cutting meat, and, startled, he removed 18% of his middle finger.....

Some lyrics:
" was slicing up a watermelon
when you came up behind me
with your silent brand new sneakers,
your reflection I did not see

blood sprayed on the kitchen sink
whats this? i had time to think
i see the tip of my index finger
my mind is slowly creating a link"

Watch Jens perform this live:

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