Monday, January 05, 2009

Morning in America 2009

Let's start this year off on the right foot with the late 60s pop charm of'Morning Tide' by Little Ones, an L.A.-based indie pop band. This fivesome finally earned notice and good reviews in early 2008, and released a debut album only to be dropped by their record label in mid-launch!

Did they let that stop them?

No, they didn't!

They found no less than two record labels to release an EP and a complete album, respectively, by mid-summer.. Tambourines! Handclaps! Sun!. These guys clearly listen to the Zombies, Beach Boys, Kinks, and, even better, to their contemporaries The Shins (who are the best band in America. yes, you read correctly. I featured them in late 2007, and will do so again soon...)

From their 'band history' on their site: 'The Little Ones quickly realized that their only weapon against reality was their imagination. They embarked on a radical experiment: to see if they could convince themselves that everything was going to be all right...' : - )

The 'Morning Tide' video is low-budget, home-movie quality, and great fun...

Their second single is less carefree but equally charming: here's 'Tangerine Visions....' The video is just psychedlic ambient images.. How groovy!

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