Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thimpathy For The Devil

Poor Milorad had a rough time climbing up from modest means...

His father, Radisa Blagojevich, was an immigrant steel plant laborer from Serbia. Blagojevich spent much of his childhood working odd jobs to help the family pay its bills. He was a shoeshiner and pizza delivery boy before working at a meat packing plant. 

In order to afford college, Blagojevich worked for the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System as a dishwasher.   Curiously, even in August he was America's least popular governor (in his own state), whereas Alaska's Sarah Palin was its most popular (in her own state).  

His sister-in-law is Deb Mell, a gay rights activist who ran unopposed for the state house in 2008.

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