Monday, December 15, 2008

Nordic Brash

Her moxie! Her energy! 

Her stripped-down rave-up guitar sound, like 1979 punks winking at the 1950s but also subverting it! 

And she's Norwegian! 

My friends, what more could you possibly ask for? 

It's Ida Maria, with today's Song of the Week, the hyperkinetic but throughly infectious 'I LIke You So Much Better (When You're Naked)'....

But why don't we watch/hear it first, and talk about it afterwards? Watch them shake it, live!

Born Ida Maria Børli Sivertsen in the tiny town of Nesna, Norway, she rocket to national attention with her killer live show at the country's annual By:Larm festival...

She lives in Stockholm, now, at age 24, and makes "punk-pop mischief with an odd stage presence: arms folded sulkily, self-conscious ruffles of he hair,"  according to Matt Bolton, who caught her show at Scala in London...

She is reported to have a disorder which causes here to see colors when she hears music!!  This is one of many manifestations of cross-sensory phenomena known collectively as 'synesthesia.'  I did not know this existed!

Here's here other single, the equally energetic 'Oh My God'

I like her cover photography, too!

SOTW Ida Maria

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