Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Space Is The Place

Saturday was Ed's annual holiday party - he lives with two roomates in a uncommonly gigantic apartment up on Claremont Avenue, north of W 116th St, a block west of Broadway...

The party wound down, leaving a group of 8 friends or so...

This is the couch, around which we draped ourselves to watch the, er, seminal 'The Boys In The Band,' of which Ed recently acquired the 40th anniversary commemorative DVD.

Sunil is wearing a very spiffy shirt, flanked here by friends Hillman and Adrienne...

Norberto on a rocking chair, the hints of a smile pushing through his sober expression. I have many great pictures of Norberto smiling, but here's my first great picture of him in a classic pose, fittingly sitting on rocking chair in a prewar apartment. I, alas, overslept two weeks ago and missed Norberto's and Rajat's housewarming party in New Jersey. I almost overslept through Ed's too. But happily a gust of air awoke me and I got my butt up to Morningside Heights...

I wish I had a picture of our host, Ed. All I have to represent him is his piquant chili and his holiday cheer of a ham, cooked to juicy tangy perfection...These dishes I shall remember as two of December 2008's tastier moments...


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