Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eastern Exposure

IMG_7241My building is installing new windows, and my turn came on Friday. Putting a hole in my apartment and exposing it to the wind required my constant presence. To prepare for it, I had to clear six feet in front of the windows, and clear is the word, is the word (it's got soul, it's got groove, it's got meaning...) I threw out wires from electronic devices that broke before the Iraq War!   But the absence of tangled wires, dirt, dust, and lost trinkets has created an oasis of spasis..  I'm a happy camper.   My apartment is where the sun DO shine... This is the first of a few posts chronicling different aspects of the Great Window Project. Today, the displacement and periphery...

My displaced belongings...


My bed, covered with a mound of earthly possessions and a big plastic sheet..

The (cute) kid in the hall prepares the new windows...

While I waited on my sofa for the work to finish, I watched 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' on my multi-region portable DVD player, in Spanish. Since I couldn't hear through the racket, subtitles helped. These subtitles have Worf explaining to his 8-year-old son that 'With honor, there is nothing.'

Here I am, happy to have this project behind me....


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