Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bright City, Big Light

With the windows gone, nothing stood between me and spectacular 10th floor views of Chelsea... . Here we look north-east, diagonally across the intersection of 8th Avenue and 23rd St, where my gym waits silently for me....

Here's the same view, but the light is kind of washed out. I bet Thomas would know why.. Speaking of Thomas, check out his awesome new Buenos Aires Photographer blog - the link is now in my left margin, just below the link to his personal blog.

Look out below - ten stories below! How the yellow taxis, black sedans, and myriad white vehicles impatiently wait to charge across 23rd St...

Leaning out the window, looking south down 8th Avenue...  It's about noon on a Friday.. On the northeast corner of 8th & 22nd St, Noodle Corner is no more... Dig the green scaffolding hugging my building during the window project...

Lean in the place where you are, now face north, think about direction, wonder why you haven't before...


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