Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vacation Narration Dis-Interruptus

It's taking me forever to wend my way through my August vacation in Central America... When last we left off, on October 26, we'd been exploring the low-rent charms of Utila, cheapest of the very Afro-Caribbean Bay Islands off the Northern coast of Honduras...

You can't fight City Hall....

Orange blossoms are not necessarily orange blossoms. Think about it. Tropical flora at twilight...

The cuisine was simple, even mediocre... No spicy Caribbean food. Of course, as I'm (advance-)writing this, I'm doing a forced medical fast drinking poorly flavored liquid chalk ahead of a routine procedure tomorrow...

These are french fries, not a fresh haul of caught fish : - )

A long walk off a short pier... Tomorrow, Aaron goes scuba diving!

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