Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunil's India - Part 2

DSCN8257Sunil traveled all over India in March - I did the same seven years ago... I continue to relive the vast 'otherness' of that many colored place, the sensory absorption of an explosion of color, smell, and taste, the splendor, the squalor, and the endless, endless people in this land of over 1.1 billion... 

As mentioned last week Dehli is several cities in one - the government area looks like Pell Mell & Whitehall in London, there are ultra-modern buildings but also vast ramshackle houses and open-air markets that go on forever.. A Hyundai must share the road with motorcycles, minibikes, rickshaws, oxcarts, and countless wandering cows.....

Sunil's first picture is Humayun's Tomb, a spectacular triumph of symmetric design, which looks nearly the same from every side... and, indeed, I spent 90 minutes staring at it from every possible angle...

Indian Railways isn't state-of-the-art, but it does go nearly everywhere... 
Sunil: "Sweepers help keep the place clean"

Sunil: 'People hanging out waiting for their train...'

Sunil: "This cow seems to say 'Why isn't anyone helping me?' " : - ) 
Could the cow be bored with browsing English-language best-sellers?

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