Saturday, November 15, 2008

IMG_6914Our Central American odyssey continues below... What a week! I've been through the wringer - had a routine medical test that required me to fast for 30 hours and drink a gallon of poorly-flavored liquid chalk. Toward the end I was one angry dude. Clouds of economic unpleasantness are gathering everywhere and are particularly thick for those working in finance. You soldier on, you try to boost morale.. As my good friend Celia would say, '¬°ante lo inevitable, pecho! which translates loosely as 'have courage when facing the inevitable'

Through Honduras To Copan

We left the Caribbean and returned to Central America, at La Ceiba, on the Northern Coast...

We had to get up at 6am to take the boat. So when we docked at 9am, a bite to eat was high on the agenda. And what better to eat than a delicious fried empanada?

Waitng and waiting and waiting for the van to Copan, man - can you spot Erik on the right in his white cap?

The sign in this upscale rest room reads 'wash yourself in this bucket'...

The beautiful Hondurian countryside... Wait, isn't that black smoke?

Here's the route we took. It's a primitive map - La Ceiba is on the coast, and as you see we traveled east and slightly south, almost all the way to the Guatemalan border. We arrived at Copan Ruinas, a 19th century city of steep cobblestone streets, in a blinding rainstorm... but that's for a different post, probably Tuesday or Wednesday....

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