Monday, November 03, 2008

Highway of Hope?

Going my way, USA? Tuesday November 4th is a big day for us all, and needs just the right Song of the Week. Soothing but invigorating, perky but sincere...

And our good neighbors to the North, Canadian indie-pop band Human Highway, have just the right thing, "The Sound", a relaxed gem of a tune that channels Simon and Garfunkel, The Rascals, and The Beach Boys..

They are Jim Guthrie and Nicholas Thurburn, who are also members of the Canadian indie-rock band Islands.
The 'Human Highway' side project gives the duo room to indulge their 1960s and 1970s AM radio influences..

It occurs to me that some of my younger readers might need links to explain AM and FM. For those to lazy to click, I'll reveal that the letters stand for 'Amplitude Modulation' and 'Frequency Modulation.' All that technical talk is way over my pretty little head... : - )

Back to Human Highway. Here's a rather makeshift, goofy fan video for "The Sound." Listen, watch and enjoy, my friends... And hope, hope, hope for tomorrow...

Here's an absolutely adorable clip from Human Highway's day job with Islands. It's called 'Rough Gem'...

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