Friday, November 28, 2008

Crustulum Ergo Sum

That's Latin for 'I cook, therefore I am,' if this is true, than I'm not nearly 'am' as much as one should be 'am',
but for Thanksgiving I broke out the 'am' and the recipe book and made a decidedly non-turkey dinner for my friend Gene...  

Here's my old blue looseleaf with recipes I clipped from the newspapers back in the 80s, pre-Internet, when one did such things.

The menu with Chicken Breasts with Carrots and Ginger in a light cream sauce, accompanied by Double-Strength Beef Rice, a tangy salad, and brussels sprouts cooked to the consistency of mashed potatoes.. Gene baked an apple pie. SInce I stupid failed failed to take photos, I'll have to show you my dirty dishes as proof of the feast... I bought this lovely tableware in Turkey back in early 2002...

The recipe for
my main dish...

After dinner we saw 'Milk,' the excellent new film, set in 70s San Francisco, which recreates the life and times of pioneer gay politician/activist Harvey Milk and the early days of the gay civil rights movement.. A movie review is coming shortly. In the meantime, here's a vintage photo of Milk at SF's 1978 Gay Pride Parade..

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