Thursday, November 06, 2008


I don't see enough theater, and a visit from my awesome baby sister is a terrific excuse to remedy this.
Last week, we saw the superb, touching Spring Awakening, with great insights into budding adolescence, very immediate and relevant notwithstanding its setting in 1890s Germany...

We saw 'Awakening' at the beautiful Eugene O'Neill theater - our seats were excellent - third row, front and center.
A few lucky audience members actually sat on the stage! They were seated on bleachers on either side of what served as classroom, barn, town square, and prison....

The male lead, Melchior, was recently taken over by Hunter Parrish of 'Weeds,' who is both talented and easy on the eye...  Parish and co-star Lea Michele indelibly render the stirrings of nasscent sexuality... to memorable music..

From the 2007 Tony Awards telecast, the cast performs a medley of memorable highlights.. They won Best Musical that year...

Old photo from a 1970 non-musical London production 'Awakening,' translated from Frank Wedekind's German original..

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