Sunday, October 12, 2008


Saturday Night Live's parody of Joe Biden discussing his humble roots had him call Scranton a 'hell-hole,' 'an absolute jerkwater of a town' and 'just an awful, awful sad place'. These epithets are flattering compared to our tour leader's view of Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras. She implored us not to venture forth into the sprawling, chaotic, downscale urb set in a volcano valley. I thought, in the words of my first boyfriend, that 'she was exagger-ATING'... Here's a view from the hotel rooftop, where we had a pizza party... Yum, my favorite food... : - )

I was quite fascinated by the endless tangle of above-ground telephone and electricity wire...

I took a late afternoon walk around the 'hood, and noticed that several businesses, even when open, were protected by bars, gates, or glass.

Still, I did see some life on the sidewalks.. These people look both un-threatening and un-threatened... In the interest of fair play and equal time, I may have to insert a post this week showing what's good about Tegus, as the locals affectionately call it...

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