Sunday, October 12, 2008

Columbus said the deep blue sea / In fourteen-hundred and ninety three. Not! (that's from 'Lost In Space') Below is some film commentary... Check back here at 3pm New York time for more Central America pictures....

You Thaid Barthelona, and I Thaid Yeth

That title references some particularly wooden dialogue from Woody Allen's 'Interiors' and is a long-running joke I have with Brian. I'll happily explain it to anyone who asks...

Last night I saw Allen's Vicky Christina Barcelona, in theater, with my friend Doug. It's a serious and often funny tale of conflicting sexual and emotional need and exploration, mis-matches, and intrigue. It abounds with well-fleshed out characters and is filmed in sun-drenched, modernist, multifaceted Barcelona.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Allen explore new territory and, frankly, interest himself in how people actually live, talk, think, and act in 2008 rather than 1978. 'VCB' is deftly acted by a talented ensemble, notably Javier Bardem, Scarlett Johannsen, and the national treasure that is Patricia Clarkson. But the movie's standout is Penelope Cruz (pictured above), as a volatile, severely neurotic and passionate artist whose bravado and mood swings darn near steal the picture... Not to be missed. One movie like this does indeed make up for three or four self-indulgent, unsatisfying misfires.

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